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10 PDU-Leadership Development: the Making of Leaders

10 PDU-Leadership Development: the Making of Leaders

10 PDU-Leadership Development: the Making of Leaders

PMCAMPUS.com is proud to present this new and vibrant leadership course featuring high quality instructional material blending content licensed from Harvard Business Review and from 50Lessons market leader in executive interview videos. This course is designed to meet the high level of expectation of PMP certified continuing education students who want to gain new soft skills to advance their career as well as earn PDUs to complete their PMP Recertification requirements.
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Course Prerequisite: PMP certified.

Activity ID: PDUDEV


This new leadership course provides 10 hours of structured learning experience (10 PDUS) and is articulated around a set of video interviews, multimedia and interactive practical learning activities. Leadership can not be learned from books! This course is a smart way to further develop your leadership skills and earn valuable PDUs at the same time.

All students earn their 10 PDU certificate by completing the quizzes and interactive activities. Answers and Activities suggested solutions are provided and students can re-do all activities as many times as needed to obtain a passing score.

Learning Objectives

In this course, students will:

  • Identify and discuss emotional intelligence components at work.
  • Understand key elements of leadership development: how to communicate clearly, develop self-awareness and people skills, create positive atmosphere for team work, and influence to make a difference.
  • Reflect on leadership development issues based on stories narrated by real world leaders
  • Apply knowledge and skills to discuss leadership development challenges.

Instructional Strategy

Students are exposed and challenged with various types of learning experiences as follow:

  • Video interviews of corporate leaders will challenge students to reflect on their skills and experience as they develop their own leadership style.
  • Essays reflection questions will guide students to discuss "ideas for action" that could be implemented as they return in their organization.
  • Quizzes test students' critical thinking abilities as well as their understanding of the concepts and ideas presented in the videos and articles.

Instructional Material

This new course is composed of 10 hours of structured learning experience (10 PDUS) and contains video debrief and article critique learning activities:

  • For each video debrief activity, students will be asked to watch a video of 3-5 minutes, answer quizzes questions, write a short reflection essay and browse and share essays with other students.
  • For each article critique activity, students will be asked to read an article provided in pdf format, write a short summary essay, browse and share essays with other students and answer quizzes questions.

Course Modules

This course includes 12 video debrief learning activities and 4 article critique activities:

  • Video Debrief Learning Activities:
    • 1) Care For Your People, And Really Mean It
    • 2) Be Tough But Compassionate
    • 3) Using Feedback To Become A More Effective Leader
    • 4) Learn Not To Fear Feedback
    • 5) Seek Out Your Mentors
    • 6) Understanding Your Value To The Team
    • 7) Invest Time In Building Teams
    • 8) The Power Of Teamwork
    • 9) Trust, Develop, Stretch
    • 10) The Power Of Good Conversation
    • 11) Staging Significant Moments
    • 12) The Impact Of Strategic Storytelling
  • Article Critique Activities:
    • 1) What makes a leader?
    • 2) Understanding Emotional intelligence components
    • 3) The Five Components of Emotional Intelligence at Work
    • 4) Can Emotional Intelligence Be Learned?

Included with this online course:

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In order for you to successfully carry out this online training program, it is required that your computer fulfills these minimum hardware and software requirements:



* Computer: Pentium IV with 128 MB memory or higher / Mac PowerPC or higher
* Operating system: Windows 98, Me, NT, XP, 2000, 2003 - Macintosh OS9, OSX,
* Internet Browser: MS Internet Explorer version 6 or higher - Safari version 2 or higher - Firefox version 2 or higher
* Internet connection: 56k modem minimum, preferably a high-speed or broadband connection.
* Monitor: 1024 x 768, True Color 32-bit or better.
* Enable pop-up window.
* Toolbars such as Google and Yahoo toolbars (among others) impede the functionality of courses. These and other nonstandard toolbars must be disabled.
*Personal firewall programs must allow the access to the courses.


Flash Player 6

(or higher)

To navigate through the training program, your browser needs the free Flash plug-in; if it doesn't have it already you can download it from here:
It takes less than two minutes with a 56k connection. It is free and works on all major hardware and operating system platforms.


PDF Reader


The condensed notes in this training program are in the PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader software to view the reading packages.
If you do not have the Reader, please click on "Get Abobe Reader" button or on the link below to download the free Acrobat PDF Reader from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2_allversions.html
It is free and works on all major hardware and operating system platforms.

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Course Summary

  • Certificate of 10 PDUs Category A
  • Video Interviews
  • HBR Articles
  • Quizzes and Interactive Activities
  • Access for 90 days access, 24/7 unlimited (start date is date of first login)
  • online HelpDesk
  • 90 days unlimited 24/7 hours access