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35 Contact Hours PMP Exam Prep Course

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BREAKING NEWS: The PMP exam will change on March 26 2018 and will be updated to align with new terminology from PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition.
PMCAMPUS has provided training for both the exam prep and PDUs for re-certification for 12 years. We will continue to offer PDUs course but the PMP exam prep courses will not be updated and will be discontinued starting March 26 2018.

(*) Important Note: the PMBOK® Guide was not updated in 2016 and remains the same. Only the RDS was updated (see more info here). Study smart using our updated supplemental material! This PMP Exam Prep course is aligned with the new 2016 RDS and the 5th Edition of the PMBOK® Guide and is designed to prepare you with the 2016 PMP EXAM. This course will be discontinued after the 2018 exam change. Last chance to train and get ready for your exam with us. Do not wait!!

Your purchase includes access until March 26 2018, starting on date of purchase. There will be no extension possible as per our terms and conditions for discontinued courses.


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  • Sorry, course discontinued. We no longer take new students.
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Join thousands who like you received their certification the smartest way, using our proven 3-step methodology and effective training path.

Taking the first step is simple, select the PMP exam prep course that best fits your training goal, click “take this course”, follow the guidance to process your enrollment and you will quickly receive an email confirmation containing contact information, getting started tutorials and instructions on how to logon, complete your training, access to tips, help and advise on how to fill-in your PMP application and obtain your 35 contact hours certificate of completion.

Course Overview

In order to pass your PMP certification exam, which tells employers and colleagues that you have a solid foundation of knowledge from which you can competently practice project management, you need to first master the content contained in the PMBOK® Guide and other resources. This course will help you do just that ~ guaranteed!

This online PMP certification training course was created for PMP exam aspirants who need to optimize their study time and effort and earn their PMP certification with confidence and on budget. Why pay for expensive time-consuming classroom training when you can get much more effective interactive and engaging 100% online PMP prep course with PMCAMPUS?

Self Guided Curriculum

This online PMP training course was created, by a diverse and highly qualified team of professionals. This course meets the 35 Hours of Project Management Education required to qualify for PMP exam eligibility, while maximizing your study time and effort, and providing the skills needed to pass the PMP exam the first time.
Our 3-step training methodology guides you through exploring, connecting, and finally mastering the concepts needed to pass the PMP exam.

The audio-narrated presentations, recorded weekly webinars are available to view online any time, from anywhere. For busy professionals, the flexibility to learn and prepare for your PMP exam at your own pace is a significant advantage over other delivery methods.

We are committed to providing high-value, low-cost training options — we make training worth your time!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and synthesize the 5th Edition of the PMBOK® GuideProject Management Framework and the ten associated Knowledge Areas.

  • Review and understand the implications of the project manager's Professional responsibility and PMI's code of ethics.

  • Be able to analyze project management considerations and apply good practice to resolve real world situational problems

  • Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to correctly answer at least 7 out of 10 exam practice questions of the new 2016 PMP Exam

PMP Exam Objectives

Training Strategy

Using sound training methodologies, students are engaged in a variety of activities, such as speed reading, watching webcasts, reviewing eNotes, and doing end of chapter questions. In addition, the core learning interactions take the form of mini exam simulations, which provide the most effective way to learn the subject matter in context and allow you to acquire critical PMP exam taking skills – in a safe environment that closely mimics the real-life exam.

The PMCAMPUS Study Roadmap is a structured and optimized learning path, where you will:

  • Explore to get acquainted with the concepts and content of the PMBOK® Guide latest edition

  • Connect, associating the concepts with the PMP exam objectives to further your understanding

  • Master to deepen your knowledge and master the PMP exam format

Along the way, our test simulator provides a gap analyzer, with a detailed assessment of your strengths and weaknesses per knowledge are and per process domain, allowing you to optimize your future studies and fill in any learning gaps. Each mini exam is an opportunity to check your proficiency level by knowledge area, by process domain, or both.

Course Materials, Interactive Learning Activities and Self-Study Aids

The PMP Exam Study Roadmap is a step-by-step guide that describes how you will accumulate knowledge, skills, and your 35 contact hours certificate, as you get ready to sit for the PMP Exam.

Speed Reading guides you through skimming and scanning the PMBOK® Guide, a smart way to prevent information overload and effectively remember key details and high-level information. You will develop the ability to study faster the important PMBOK® Guide concepts and PMI terminology.

Webcasts provide pre-recorded training videos with audio narration of critical subject matter from each of the PMBOK® Guide knowledge areas – enabling learning in chunks of 20-30 minutes. As you listen and watch the webcast, you will comprehend the material at the greatest depth.

eQuiz is the first self-assessment tool that you'll use to monitor how well you are understanding and retaining the material. Questions are organized into two levels: the first level focuses on basic terminology and the details of key processes, while the second level introduces situational questions, which challenge your basic understanding, in the context of real-life project management work situations – very similar to the questioning approach on the PMP exam. As you review your answers, reference the page or figure reference provided to locate the pertinent information directly in the PMBOK® Guide.

Karma™ eSim: our convenient and affordable PMP exam simulation software closely simulates the actual PMP exam experience and the question database includes 600+ high quality PMP practice questions. Also included is a strengths and weaknesses analyzer – use this valuable resource to maximize your learning and identify knowledge gaps.

It is a well-known fact that we learn the most from our mistakes. Our team of PMP subject matter experts carefully crafted our expert rationales to provide another view into the material and concepts, thereby further maximizing your study efforts. When your brain is the most curious to learn which answer is correct and why (and why the others were incorrect), the onscreen rationales provide instant comprehensive reasoning and guidance. As solutions to problems become more and more clear, you will build a solid confidence and soon be ready to master the real PMP exam. Get ready for many aha moments as you enjoy studying and learning with our engaging PMP exam simulation software.

eNotes: The most in-depth digest of everything tested on the PMP exam – inside and outside the PMBOK® Guide. Presented as a set of printable PDF files, you'll find them to be a convenient and thorough PMP Exam study guide allowing for optimal PMP exam preparation.

The PMP Study Material for each PMBOK® Guide chapter is digested and summarized in a compact, information-rich format, and we know you will find them to be invaluable learning tools. In addition, they can be used during the webcast presentation to take notes on and after the class as reference materials.

eFormulas: Take you on a journey through the mathematical formulas and key formula-related terms that you must know and be able to apply in order to pass the PMP exam. One of the best things about formula questions is ~ there is only one right answer.

Additional Training Materials:

Test-takers often report that situational questions are the most difficult aspect of the PMP exam. This online PMP course ensures you are well prepared for these questions, by focusing individually on the RDS tasks and the most important cross-cutting skills that are frequently tested on the PMP exam. The presentations are information-rich, concise, and include strategies that help you analyze a question's context, which is vital to selecting the best answer when all the answers provided may be technically correct.

  • SITUATIONAL QUESTIONS: Don't get caught off guard by the PMP Exam's situational questions! Test-takers often report that the situational questions are the most difficult aspect of the exam. We developed this online PMP course with this fact, and your success, top of mind. Read below to learn more about this course and how it can increase in your ability to analyze situational questions with ease, which will greatly increase your confidence level in advance of sitting for the exam.Over 100 well-crafted, situational questions are included to assess your knowledge and analytical skills.
  • 3 FULL SIMULATED EXAMS. A total of 600 original questions with a distribution of questions mimicking the actual exam and a time clock of 2 hours each to train you with the stress of taking a real exam. The review mode allows you to verify our carefully crafted comprehensive rationales.

  • The benefits of achieving PMP certification are many. The certification is globally recognized and it demonstrates your knowledge and use of standards that have been established by leading project management practitioners around the world. Why wait any longer? Start your training now and put yourself back on a successful career path!

    Who should take this PMP training course and why? This online PMP course is an essential learning opportunity for all Project Management Professionals who are actively preparing for their PMP certification exam. Don't make the mistake of assuming that because you are an experienced project manager you will easily pass the PMP exam. The PMBOK® Guide standards, guidelines, and definitions, which may differ from your current methods and understanding, coupled with the exam's alignment to the newest RDS and 2016 PMP Exam Content Outline, means there is a vast amount of material that you must know well and be able to apply to complex situations, in order to pass the exam. Investing in yourself, by taking this course, ensures you will have the knowledge and skills needed to analyze situational questions and ultimately select the best answer when all the answers provided may be technically correct.

    Certification can also lead to greater recognition from employers, expanded career opportunities and greater earnings.(To learn more about the PMP certification program and requirements, refer to the PMP Credential Handbook on PMI's website.)

    Online PMP Exam Course Outline/Topics

    Knowledge Areas:

    • Framework

    • Integration

    • Scope

    • Time

    • Cost

    • Quality

    • Human Resource

    • Communications

    • Risk

    • Procurement

    • Stakeholder

    • Professional Responsibility & Code of Ethics

    Process Groups:

    • Initiating

    • Planning

    • Executing

    • Monitoring & Controlling

    • Closing

    35 Contact Hours Certificate

    • - Your online PMP training contact hours certificate will be issued by The International Campus for Project Management Education (PMCAMPUS.com/Mokanova Inc.)

    • - Your certificate will be available for printing as soon as you complete the part I of this course.

    • - Keep a copy of your certificate for future reference. (Please note: We keep records of all the certificates issued to our students, so feel free to contact us if you lose your copy.)

    See Features Summary tab for more information.

Want to try a PMP course before you buy? Enroll now and exercise your right to "100% full satisfaction guarantee" if you do not like it. We will refund your payment, no questions asked within 48 hours of yoru pruchase. Review our terms and Conditions and enroll now to get immediate access to your course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your PMP35H course grant 35 contact hours needed for PMP exam application?

  • Yes, successful completion of our PMP35H course grants students the 35 contact hours certificate needed for the PMP exam application. To earn your contact hours you will complete a series of activities with the passing grade of 70% or higher. These activities can be retried an unlimited number of times until the passing grade is achieved.

Are your training and contact hours valid for my PMP Prep in the country I live?

  • Yes! PMI has no restrictions on where people complete their training or education as it relates to where they take their PMP Exam.

Minimum Hardware requirements:

  • Compatible MAC/PC
  • Operating system: Windows NT, XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, 7, 8 / Macintosh OS9, OSX
  • Internet Browsers: MS Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox
  • Internet connection: Preferably a high-speed or broadband connection; 56k modem at a minimum
  • Monitor

Minimum Software and Settings requirements:

  • Flash Player 6 (or higher) - this free player is required for course navigation
  • PDF Reader - this free reader is required to view course materials


  • Enable pop-up windows (i.e., a browser setting)
  • For best viewing change your monitor settings to: 1024 x 768, and True Color 32-bit or better
  • Toolbars, such as the ones provided by Google and Yahoo (among others), may impede the functionality of our courses. If that is the case, disable the toolbar.
  • Corporate or personal firewalls must allow access to the course. Contact your IT department or support person if you suspect your firewall is preventing access.
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PMCAMPUS.com/Mokanova Inc. is an Independent Education provider. Our goal is to offer you high quality content at the most affordable cost! We have contracted a license with PMI that gives us permission to include excerpts of the PMBOK® Guide in our course content. Copyright Notice: This publication is a derivative work of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition , which is copyrighted material of and owned by, Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI), Copyright 2013. This publication has been developed and reproduced with the permission of PMI. Unauthorized reproduction of this material is strictly prohibited. The derivative work is the copyrighted material of and owned by, Mokanova, Inc., Copyright 2016.

PMCAMPUS Instructional Design

Course Content & Multimedia Development:
Copyright: ® 2003-2015 Mokanova Inc. and PMCAMPUS.com Instructors & Authors.

Lead Instructional Designer/Multimedia Development: Kahina Morisset, B. Sc. Eng., MBA, PMP
Subject Matter Experts/Content Development: Marilyn Hartman, M. Sc., B. Sc., PMP
Tyrone Chin, B. Sc., MBA, PMP; Khaled Tawfik, B. Sc. Eng., MBA, PMP; Barbara Franks, PMP; Rajesh Nair, B. Sc. Eng., PMP; Harb Sidhu, PMP, MS (MIS)

Credit Illustrations: Shutterstock, Graphic RIver, Slideshop

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Course features, and inclusions:

  • Aligned for the PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition. Will be discontinued on March 26 2018
  • 35 Hours Certificate issued by PMCAMPUS.com/MOKANOVA INC., independent course provider.
  • Study Material and PMP Exam Tips
  • Audio Narrated Webcasts
  • PMP Exam Must-Know Formula
  • Speed reading activity
  • 1200+ PMP Practice Questions (with PMBOK® Guide Reference and Explanations)
  • 3 Full PMP Simulation
  • Online helpdesk and tutorials
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Certificate immediately printable upon course completion

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