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Take the Best Value PMP Practice Exam: 200 Questions

$5 PMP Mock Exam: 200 Practice Questions

$5 PMP Mock Exam: 200 Practice Questions

PMCampus Best Practice for the real exam! Feel the stress similar to the PMP exam and dramatically increase your odds of passing your PMP with confidence!

This exam simulation is for all PMP aspirants wishing to realistically train their exam skills prior to taking the PMP certification exam.

Do you prefer a FREE quiz-style version? Hosted by Thinkific , it provides quick access to 50 PMP exam practice questions in sequence with an immediate feedback for the associated correct answer. (if you prefer to obtain our fully functional exam simulator with a 4-hour timer, gap analyzer and source references, then you should opt for the Mock exam at $5)

Pass your PMP exam with confidence and on budget!

  • Regular Price: $29.00
  • Sale Price: $5.00
  • You save:$24(83%)
  • Sorry, course discontinued. We no longer take new students.
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Determine when you are ready to write and pass your PMP exam, with flying colors, right from the first time! This product includes the Karma™ instructional software and 1 simulated exam of 200 Questions covering all areas of the PMBOK® Guide and other items that frequently appear on the PMP exam.

All questions have detailed explanations that reinforce and explain the topic not only for the correct answer but also for the incorrect answer. A reference is presented to PMBOK® Guide or other reputable PMP Exam Prep sources.

At the end of each exam, the Gap Analyser will present a detailed list of scores arranged by knowledge area and process group, allowing you to focus on those topics that need extra attention. Or you can stop the exam anytime to see the results and re-start it later.

Buy the 35 hours PMP Exam Prep Course and get more mini and full exams with instructional material!

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Minimum hardware, software, and settings requirements:


  • Pentium IV with 128 MB memory or higher / Mac PowerPC or higher
  • Operating system: Windows NT, XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, 7, 8 / Macintosh OS9, OSX
  • Internet Browsers: MS Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox, Google Chrome is not supported
  • Internet connection: Preferably a high-speed or broadband connection; 56k modem at a minimum
  • Monitor


  • Flash Player 6 (or higher) - this free player is required for course navigation
  • PDF Reader - this free reader is required to view course materials


  • Enable pop-up windows (i.e., a browser setting)
  • For best viewing change your monitor settings to: 1024 x 768, and True Color 32-bit or better
  • Toolbars, such as the ones provided by Google and Yahoo (among others), may impede the functionality of our courses. If that is the case, disable the toolbar.
  • Corporate or personal firewalls must allow access to the course. Contact your IT department or support person if you suspect your firewall is preventing access.
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Instructional Design - Course Content & Multimedia Development:

© 2003-2011 Mokanova Inc and PMCAMPUS.com Instructors & Authors.

Instructional Designer, Flash Development Lead:

Kahina Morisset, B.Sc. Eng., MBA, PMP

Content development, Subject Matter Experts:

Marilyn Hartman, M. Sc., B.Sc., PMP Richard T. Barnes, B.S., MBA, PMP Tyrone Chin, B.Sc., MBA, PMP Khaled Tawfik, B.Sc. Eng., MBA, PMP Ivan Rajkovic, M. Sc., PMP Harbinder Sidhu, M. Sc., PMP

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This product includes the following features:

  • Karma™ PMP Exam simulation software and the Karma™ Gap Analyzer.
  • 200 questions & explanations organized in One 200-question 4-hour exam simulation that can be stopped and re-started an unlimited number of time
  • Review and Explanations mode: best answer rationale and detailed explanations for correct answers and incorrect answers
  • 30 days unlimited 24/7 access frmo date of purchase
  • Version aligned with 2016 PMP Exam

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