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How do I become a CAPM?

To find out how and if you are eligible to seat at the CAPM exam, the best source of information is found at PMI (Project Management Institute).

PMCAMPUS.com provides training solutions for many CAPM candidates every year. Candidates can earn their required 23 contact hours training certificate and at the same time get an effective training to pass their exam at first time with a very limited budget and the convenience of study anytime, anywhere.

Before you start training, we strongly recommend you download and read the "CAPM handbook" published by PMI. This document explains and summarizes the whole process from filling in your application form and receiving your eligibility letter to seat at the exam. Updated versions are regularly posted on PMI website and this is a very valuable resource to any serious candidate to the CAPM certification.

PMCAMPUS welcomes candidates from the US, Canada, India, Middle East and many other places in the world thanks to the convenience of 100% online training and the high quality of our training products recognized globally.

Does your course grants 23 contact hours needed for CAPM application?

Yes. Successful completion of our CAPM23H course provides students with a 23 contact hours certificate of project management edfucation issued by PMCAMPUS.com.
To earn your contact hours you will complete a series of activities with the passing grade of 70% or higher. These activities can be retried an unlimited number of times to get the passing grade.

You can choose our essential CPMA23H course or also be interested with a high value training package  including supplemtal material. Review the differences with this link to our course catalog which compares all the CAPM courses and packages:

What is the best option to prepare for the CAPM?

We offer two options to prepare for the CAPM exam:

Here is a link to information on our CAPM23H course:

Here is a link to information on our CAPM Gold Package:

While both of the above options contain the CAPM23H intensive simulator course, so you can earn your 23 contact hours needed for the CAPM exam application.

How long does it take to complete the CAPM23H course and receive my 23 contact hours certificate?

Once you purchase you will receive your welcome e-mails with log in information and instructions within a couple of minutes. As soon as you have this information you are ready to begin.

To complete the CAPM23H course we estimate it will take between 23-40 hours, which are hours completed at the students own pace. The time it takes to complete activities depends on your background in management education, ease of online tools and other personal considerations like knowledge retention and individual learning skills.

As soon as you have completed the activities in the course and have earned your 23 contact hours certificate you can print it immediately from within our training center for your records.

Our training is designed to save you time, money and effort: you can earn your certificate of 23 contact hours and at the same time learn the exact same and essential knowledge you will be tested upon at the exam! Our exam simulator are part of your intensive training and ensures you are ready to take the exam as soon as you've completed the training. And if you think you need extra training, we offer additional supplemental training with our more comprehensive training bundles available at a discount.

Is there a demo for the CAPM course?

Absolutely, you can access to the free demo very easily. No credit card asked. Follow the instructions, fill in your name and email and you will receive your login information immediately.

The free demo allows you a full access to PMCAMPUS training center and all CAPM exam prep courses but with limited features and a time limit of 30 days.

Here is the link to enroll in the free demo:


What is the access time for courses?

All PMCAMPUS courses material and activities are available 100% online 24/7/365 so you can study anytime, anywhere at your own pace.

When you purchase one course, you will receive your username and password immediately and further on your initial 90 days of access will be granted as soon as you access your course. If this time is not sufficient for you, you can always purchase affordable time extensions as needed in the future.

Your time remaining and deactivation date are displayed in your account record tab in the training center and our team sends reminders so we invite you to renew your time access and avoid course deactivation and continue to access to your course with no interruption.

When you purchase a bundle of several course, you will have 90 days access upon first log in for each course in the bundle. We have some students who purchase a bundle, start one of the courses immediately, but don't access other so that the course they have not accessed they will still have 90 days of access once they click to enter and access it.

Based on our terms and conditions, we also ask students to please log-in to each course within 90 days of the original purchase. Students remain active within one year of their last access to a course and can extend their time as needed but after no activity during one full year, students accounts are removed and archived.

Where will I take the CAPM exam?

Prometric is PMIs examination administration partner, and they will have the information you are looking for. Here is the link:

The whole process to prepare, apply and take the exam is explained in details within this very valuable resource: the CAPM Handbook provided by the PMI.

We strongly recommend you download, read this handbook from PMI website where you will find important information about the application process and examination scheduling Instructions. Follow the links in PMI website at: