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CAPM Exam Prep GOLD Bundle

CAPM Exam Prep GOLD Bundle

CAPM Exam Prep GOLD Bundle

** Reduced CAPM course tuition: Start your training now! **
The online CAPM Exam Prep GOLD Bundle combines comprehensive course materials, practice questions, and our new eSkills course [CAPMSKL], which makes sure you have the adequate extra training needed to answer situational questions on the CAPM certification exam. This is another great training combination and a good value for the money!

Try our CAPM course free trial, and see for yourself how this course fits with your expectations.

  • Regular Price: $285.00
  • Sale Price: $225.00
  • You save:$60(21%)
  • Sorry, course discontinued. We no longer take new students.
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CAPM Gold Study Bundle Summary

The PLATINUM bundle is designed to maximize your CAPM study time and efforts, and save you money. The GOLD bundle includes 2 project management training products: our popular 23 contact hours course and our new eSkills course. Buying this package saves you $95 on the CAPMSKL course!!

PMCAMPUS.com is committed to making project management training worth your money!

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  • The 23 Hour CAPM Exam Prep course [CAPM23H]: Upon completion of this online CAPM exam prep course you will obtain your 23 contact hours certificate. Our 2-step training methodology provides a structured learning path, plenty of exam simulations, and explanations regarding the correct and incorrect answer choices. The learning path is designed for optimal engagement with the materials and the sequencing of the activities is optimized to ensure that you will sail smoothly to CAPM exam success.
  • The 12 Essential CAPM Skills course [CAPMSKL]: This online CAPM course ensures you are well prepared for situational questions, by focusing individually on 10 key tasks and 2 of the most important cross-cutting skills that are often tested on the CAPM exam. The presentations are information-rich, concise, and include strategies that help you analyze a question's context, which is vital to selecting the best answer when all the answers provided may be technically correct. Over 50 well-crafted, situational questions are included to assess your knowledge and analytical skills.

Not sure which CAPM study bundle or CAPM course is best for you? Review our bundles page, which will help you decide.

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