PMP Training Guide: Select the Best PMP Training Course

PMP Training: How to select the Best PMP Course for you?

If you plan to take your exam after July 30, 2013, please refer to our new 2013 online PMP training comparison guide.

Are you trying to decide which PMP exam preparation course or package is right for you? Here's a quick overview of your choices:

  • Buy Now the PMP® Exam Prep 35 Hours Course
    Some students have reported that the PMP® Exam Prep 35 Hours Course (PMP35H) was sufficient for them. They prepared for and successfully passed their PMP exams after taking this course only. By completing this course, you will also obtain your 35 Contact Hours Certificate.
  • Buy Now the PMP® Platinum Package or Buy Now the PMP® Platinum PLUS Package
    Most students will enjoy this ultimate, all-in-one PMP® exam preparation package (PMP35H + PMPAID + PMP3EX). You'll have it all the intensive PMP® Exam Prep 35 Hours Course, the audio/multimedia lessons, plus three extra sets of simulated PMP exam questions. This Bundle of 3 training products is designed to maximize your study time and effort and you get 3 products for the price of 2!
  • Buy Now the PMP® Silver Package
    Many students buy the Three PMP® Simulated Exams (PMP3EX) in addition to the PMP35H course. This gives you the benefit of 600 unique exam questions (three sets of 200) similar to those found on the actual PMP exam (these are in addition to those included in the PMP35H, so you can maximize your practice opportunities before the real exam). This Bundle of 2 training products is designed to maximize your study time and effort and you get the 2nd product at 50% discount!! is committed to make training worth your money!
  • Buy Now the PMP® Gold Package
    Numerous students have said they would appreciate multimedia lessons to help them absorb and fully understand the PMBOK content. The new PMBOK® Interactive Study Aid Course (PMPAID) does precisely this. We're thrilled to offer this to you at a discount when you purchase the PMP® Gold Package (PMP35H + PMPAID). A good training combination and a good value for your money! (And you can still upgrade later to get the Platinum bundle)

PMP Training Course - Comparison Table

PMCAMPUS - Comparison Bundle

Still Not Sure?

If you're still unsure of which course or package to buy, try a free demo for each of our three courses, and follow the links above to review the details for each course and package.

If you only buy one course now, you can always upgrade to a package later (at partial savings) at our online store. However, buying the right package now is the smartest choice -this gives you the biggest savings.

Please review the announcement page for our latest promotional campaigns and rebate coupons.

What PMP training would be the best for you?

To prepare for the PMP exam, you could either take classroom courses, purchase study books or train online. As a PMP aspirant, you have plenty of possibilities to get trained...

Why go ahead and get trained with is the leader in online training and offers convenient, reliable, effective and affordable training.
We are working with a team of PMP-certified instructors and authors that guarantee that the content you use is of excellent quality and meets the highest standards of certification preparation training material. is also ahead in technology. You will enjoy a unique fully-featured online PMP exam Karma™ e-simulator and an secure eLearning environment powered by one of the most reliable eLearning platforms available today. This is what some past students have said about the simulator:

"The Karma™ PMP® Exam Simulator was key to me passing the exam."

"I learned a lot in reviewing the questions I had answered incorrectly and I used the summary page that indicated the topic areas I needed to spend more time reviewing to focus my study efforts. I feel that the Karma™ PMP® Exam Simulator prepared me well for the overall PMP examination experience."

Read success stories and testimonials to learn from what other students have appreciated when taking their PMP course with us!

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