Info about PDU and CCR

Maintaining your PMP® Credentials - Report of Changes

July 2016 - PMCAMPUS is now offering category B PDUs.

Please note that the way PMCAMPUS’ PDU certificates are reported has changed. Claiming of PDUs earned with our educational organization is no longer done using a pre-approved course code but instead by filling the fields requested for a “course or training activity offered by a third-party vendor”. For all courses in our catalog, we provide students with the documentation needed to fill-in quickly the online PDU claim form as detailed below.

Our training certificate is a valid proof that you completed training toward the “Course or Training” education category (also known as category B) and your training can be reported as follow:

  • 1) Login to the CCRS at (using your PMI username/password)
  • 2) Select Report PDUs from the left-hand side menu
  • 3) Complete the following fields to provide the details for the claim:

    Training provider:
    Activity: copy/paste the course title as advertised on website (course brochure)
    Description: copy/paste the course’s learning objectives as advertised on website (course brochure)
    Email contact person:
    PDUs claimed: enter the PDUs amount as advertised on website for each skill: technical, leadership, strategic

  • 4) Verify the accuracy of your claim. Follow the instructions on screen to complete your claim.

  • As a proof of your training, and in case of an audit,please make sure to keep your course certificate and your course brochure. Course brochures summarize the course learning objectives, summary of topics studied, and distribution of PDU as per PMI Talent Triangle™.

    Let us know should you have any issue with reporting your PDUs, we are here to help.

    As a general guidance, please always make sure to update your knowledge of the PDU claim process using the latest version of the PMP handbook published by PMI, currently located here:


    Please always refer to the PMI website about Continuing Certification Requirements.

    • Certification is valid for three years.
    • PMP® must obtain 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) during the three years to maintain his/her credentials. 1PDU=1 hour of training/learning activity.

    • **IMPORTANT** As of March 1 2010, PMI has renamed and reorganized the PDU CCR categories.

      • CCR PDUs Category 3 becomes Category A. All PDUs earned with after March 1, 2011 will be reported as PDU category A.There is no PDU cap or maximum amount that can be accumulated for Category A (Courses offered by PMIÕs R.E.P.s or Chapters and Communities) activities.

      The NEW categories to earn your PDUs are:

      • Category A - Courses offered by PMI's R.E.P's or Chapters and Communities, no limit on amount that can be claimed. 1 hour of instruction related to project management, project risk, project scheduling, or program management equals 1 PDU. You can report PDUs in 0.25, 0.50, and 0.75 increments.
      • Category B - Continuing Education, no limit on the amount that can be claimed. Earn PDUs by completing an academic course being offered by a university or college OR by attending relevant educational courses offered by training organizations NOT registered with the PMI. 1 hour of instruction related to project management, project risk, project scheduling, or program management equals 1 PDU. You can report PDUs in 0.25, 0.50, and 0.75 increments.
      • Category C- Self-Directed Learning, can earn no more than 30 PDUs in the Self-Directed Learning category per cycle. Earn PDUs for self-directed learning activities which are individualized learning events involving personally conducted research or study. 1 PDU is awarded for every 1 hour spent in a self-directed learning activity.
      • **For Categories D, E and F you may not earn more than a total of 45 PDUs per cycle for all three categories combined.
      • Category D - Creating New Project Management Knowledge. Earn PDUs for creating new knowledge for the topic related to your credential area of expertise. Both the time required to prepare or create this knowledge and the time to present it can be claimed for PDUs. The PDUs claimed in this category count against the maximum of 45PDUs allowed for Categories D, E and F.
      • Category E - Volunteer Service. Earn PDUs by providing volunteer, non-compensated project management project risk, project scheduling or program management services to non-employer or non-client customer groups. 1 PDU is awarded for 1 hour of volunteer (non-compensated) service. The PDUs claimed in this category count against the maximum of 45PDUs allowed for Categories D, E and F.
      • Category F - Working as a Professional in Project Management. You can earn a total of 15 PDUs per cycle (you may claim 5 PDUs each 12-month period if you work as a project manager for a minimum of 6 months within that 12 month period). The PDUs claimed in this category count against the maximum of 45PDUs allowed for Categories D, E and F.
      For additional information on the CCR PDU Category update, please review the following CCR Category Update page on CCR Category Update page on at

      Suggestions for PDUs

      (Quoted from PMI's PMP Passport December 2008)

      Here are some suggestions of professional development activities that extend beyond geography and budget. Review the CCR Handbook for all PDU categories and maximum limits.

    • Everyday Job Activities. Professional project management experience (Category 2H) can award 5 PDUs per year for a possible total of 15 PDUs per three-year cycle.
    • Reading Relevant Material and Interviews with Subject Matter Experts. Self-directed learning (Category 2 SDL) can award up to 15 PDUs per cycle for activities such as reading books on the project management topic of your choice.
    • Courses, Seminars and Web-based Training. Project management training (Categories 3 and 4) can award unlimited PDUs

    Legacy PDUs can come from 5 sources: Category 1 to 5 (this was before March 1, 2011. See above for new categories A to F.)

    • Category 1- Formal Academic Education (project management related with degree credit, no limit on amount that can be claimed, course conversion rule to apply such as 1 quarter semester hour (10 weeks) earns 10 PDU)
    • Category 2- Professional Activities (2A-2B-2C-2D-2E-2F-2G-2H-2SDL, can claim a maximum of 15 PDUs during 3-year period over "self-directed learning", co-developer of programs up to 10 PDUs per program, Textbook/article Author, Speaker can earn up to 10/30 PDUs)
    • Category 3 - PMI R.E.P or PMI components (These providers adhere to quality criteria established by PMI and are solely authorized to issue PDU certificates to attendees - No limit on amount that can be claimed). is a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) of the PMI # 2193
      In addition, Category 3 PDU courses are listed in the PMI PDU reporting system making it simple and convenient to report, no paperwork, no hassle!
    • Category 4- Programs from Other Providers ((1) contact hour of learning relevant to project management within a structured activity or course equals one (1) PDU. Documentation must include a brochure or course materials outlining the subject matter covered and the qualifications of the instructor/lecturer.)
    • Category 5- Volunteer Service to Professional or Community Organizations (max 20 PDUs per 3-year period)

    **IMPORTANT** As of December 1, 2015, PMI PDU CCR will change.