About our Alumni Interviews

Alumni Interviews

The PMP certification is not an easy one and we know our students will benefit from successful candidates' experiences.... This is why we sent out interview questions and gathered alumni answers and experiences in our forum so our prospective students can browse these and get a better sense of what to expect with the whole process of preparing and passing the PMP certification.

We are thankful to all the alumni who took the time to answer a series of interview questions (see the list below) and authorized us to publish them on our website.

  • Why and when did you decide to prepare for the PMP certification?
  • What training or educational tool or books did you use?
  • How long did it take you to become PMP certified?
  • Was it a costly process? How was the process with the PMI and Prometric?
  • Immediately after receiving your PMP, what were the immediate benefits?
  • Is the PMP highly regarded by the employers in your field?
  • When will you be starting to accumulate PDUs for Recertification?
  • As a PMP leader, what is you new level of confidence?

Answers from Alumni are now presented in PMCAMPUS' Forum, under the category: Interviews with PMCAMPUS.com Alumni