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PMCampus Catalog of Continuing Education PDU Courses for PMP Certified Project Managers: Relevant, Interactive, Up to Date and Truly Affordable!

Advanced Project Management Topics

Are you committed to continued education and professional development? Do you continuously strive to enhance your knowledge and stay up to date with progress in your profession? If so, have you taken the time to assess your day-to-day performance using the newly introduced PMI Role Delineation Study (RDS)?

This training, which includes topics aligned with the latest PMI RDS, (Role Delineation Study) ensures that senior project managers possess the advanced project-management skills required to manage their people and projects effectively. The managers who possess these skills are a huge asset in the world of modern business. As such, PMP credential holders who update their skills are rewarded handsomely for the roles and responsibilities that they are trained and qualified to assume. As is the case with all professional certifications, however, PMP certification requires continued education to remain active. Without regular training in good practices, project managers are at a marked disadvantage and could eventually lose the benefits associated with their certification.

Our series of courses in PMI project management provides project managers with the tools required to work effectively and remain competitive in the global environment. These tools, which include knowledge of project processes and standards, make it possible to face new challenging projects exceptionally well. Additionally, the completion of this course provides Professional Development Units (PDUs) that will directly contribute to the retention of Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. If you are ready to develop the skills needed to work more effectively in project management, enroll in our Real World Project Management Skills class series today!

Agile Project Management and Scrum Methodology

Agile Project Management is a management approach that makes it possible for teams to complete high-quality work quickly and efficiently. Operating within the Scrum framework for project development, this approach assigns employees into one of three different roles. The first role, the role of product owner, is to utilize advanced project management skills to set goals, identify priorities, and adjust the project’s orientation to ensure customer satisfaction. The ScrumMaster’s role in agile project management is to assign team members to prioritized tasks and ensure that project obstacles can be avoided or overcome. Of course, the members of this self-organized team are responsible for working together to accomplish their assigned tasks and contribute to the completion of the entire project.

Our series of online courses in agile project management was designed to familiarize newcomers with this management approach, but it also can serve as a review of the good practices for some of the more seasoned professionals. Additionally, this course provides Professional Development Units (PDUs credits) that will directly contribute your PMP renewal. If you are ready to earn PDUs and advance your PMP career by gaining experience in agile project management, explore our free demonstrational materials and enroll in an Agile course today!

MS Project and PMIS

Using a project management information system (PMIS) is one of the best ways to organize project-related information in an efficient, coherent manner. PMIS systems often utilize project management system (PMS) software to streamline project execution. Microsoft Project is one of the PMS products that are commonly used with a PMIS. As such, it is important that project-management professionals familiarize themselves with the functions and capabilities of both PMIS and PMS. With the ability to effectively use PMIS and PMS functions in addition to other advanced project-management skills, professionals have access to a wide range of time-saving strategies that businesses in several industries can benefit from. Without the knowledge required to utilize PMIS and PMS, professionals from all levels of management are a step behind their peers.

Our new comprehensive series of courses on Microsoft Project and PMIS provides training in project baselines, project templates, project simulation, and more. Additionally, earn upt to 60 PDU credits for PMP renewal and that will directly contribute to the success of your Project Manager Professional career. If you want to learn more about this course and what it can offer, try our free demo. If you are ready to improve your project-execution capabilities and increase the value of your management contributions, enroll in one of our MS Project course today!

Communication Skills

As a certified project manager, communication skills are a vitally important part of your business relations. Every day, various types of communication skills, including written communication and oral communication, have a profound effect on your ability to do your job. These skills allow one to express ideas clearly, making it possible for effective collaboration to take place. For instance, when conflict resolution is needed, those who possess strong interpersonal skills are the ones who settle issues and promote workplace cohesion. In today’s team-oriented marketplace, this ability, the ability to work as an effective team member, is something that several employers consider when selecting employees for hire and advancement. Without this ability, career advancement, especially into upper-level positions, is extremely difficult.

This convenient series of online courses are designed to provide you with the written and oral-communication skills that you will need to succeed in the competitive world of business. Assertiveness, influence, and effective interpersonal communication are just a few of the concepts that you will master upon course completion. Furthermore, over the course of this online class, you will earn PDU credits category B that will directly contribute to the renewal of your PMP certification. To start developing your communication skills, enroll in our communication course or today!

Managerial Skills and People Management

Managerial skills are essential in the world of business. All too often, management responsibilities are left in the hands of those who have never been properly trained in the areas of people management, prioritization, and delegation. When this happens, projects can easily be delayed, resulting in the loss of clients, profits, and more. Understandably, when mismanagement does occur, employers are less than pleased with those responsible and careers have been ruined as a result. On the other hand, however, well-trained managers who use their managerial skills to lead their teams to success are rewarded with recognition and advancement. These managerial skills, such as conflict resolution and resource management, are not inherent; they are learned.

Our managerial-skills courses are designed to teach business professionals how to be well-rounded managers who have what it takes to succeed in their careers. We provide the tools that you will need to manage people, presentations, and more. Additionally, at course completion you will receive the online PDUs credits you need to fulfill PMI requirements to maintain your PMP career. If you are ready to secure your future success as a project manager, enroll today to get started!

Leadership Skills

In today’s difficult economy, it is essential that you take proactive steps towards the development of professional leadership skills. If you currently work in a management position, or if you plan to take on managerial responsibilities in the future, leadership skills are indispensable. In fact, without effective leadership capabilities, career stagnation, or worse, is more than likely to occur. Fortunately, thanks to this online leadership-development course, learning how to lead, influence, and inspire is something that can be done, even with a busy schedule. Throughout this course, you will learn how to achieve career success by mastering the intricate components of the art of leadership, including decision making and team development. By taking this course, you will earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) that will directly contribute to the advancement of your Project Management Professional (PMP) career.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level and achieve peak performance, enroll in one of our new leadership-development course or try the free demo today! By the end of the course, your newly devolved leadership skills will provide you with the tools that you need to advance and succeed in the ever-changing world of business. Do not miss this chance to invest in your career and secure your seat for success in the future!