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Get 10 Days Extension for any PDU Recertification Courses

Extension 10-Day -  Certificates PDF Copy

Extension 10-Day - Certificates PDF Copy

If you need some extra time to complete your course or bundle of courses?
Get an additional 10, 20 or 30 days access or more when you purchase this time extension.
If you need a copy of an archived certificate, you may use this form to pay the admin fees. See details below.

  • Regular Price: $10.00
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Only when you are already enrolled in a PDU course!
This extension is valid toward any PDU Courses/Bundle from our current catalog


We will process your order in the best delays, when these conditions apply :
- if your course is still active or was deactivated within the last 12 months

- if your course was not in clearance (no time extension offered)

- if the course is not discontinued.

- if you used the same email as the course/bundle registration email

In any time, please allow 48 hours max to have your course/bundle extension applied.

For 10 extra days, the fee is $10, the extension will be applied to all the courses in your bundle. To extend all your courses for 30 days, simply add a quantity of 3 in the shopping cart: 3x10 days= 30 days for $30

Note: Please use the same email address from your original order to benefit of our automatic process. Our team will be in touch with you within 24 hours should there be any issue with processing your order. Thank you!


Students who request a copy of an archived certificate will be charged an admin fee of $20.00 for a PDF copy. The PDF copy will be sent to the email on record. Sorry, we do not send paper copies.

Please add a quantity of 2 in the shopping cart to pay for the $20 admin fee.

Contact the helpdesk Helpdesk to provide any additional information.

Thank you!