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PMI has announced important updates to the CCR program. Review PMI announcement and FAQ on PMI website at: http://www.pmi.org/certification/ccr-updates.aspx

Ongoing after Dec 1, 2015, we will continue to offer more choices and more courses with PDU certificates and new packages to match the new PMI CCR requirements in term of PDU and skills categories.

How will the PMI CCRS change impact your training experience?

Because PMCampus online PDU courses address not only project management technical skills but also a broader range of skills such as leadership, strategic and business management that are highly sought out by employers, we will continue to help you to stay relevant and in demand in the global workplace. As leadership tends to be more and more distributed across hierarchies, project managers will see opportunities to become influential agents of change while they will also be more involved in strategic and business decisions. Certified practitioners can take advantage of these trends to advance their career and contribute more effectively to the growth of their organization.

How will the PMI CCR change impact your Recertification Cycle?

The first thing to do is to identify your 3-year cycle end date. There is a couple of scenarios to consider:

  • If your CCR cycle end date is on or before Nov 30, 2015, you will have to earn your 60 PDU as usual and before the change therefore your current cycle will NOT be impacted. For your next 3-year cycle, you will have to take the new course offerings aligned with new PMI CCR.
  • If your CCR cycle end date is on or after Dec 1, 2015 and if you earn 60 PDUs before Nov 30,2015, your current cycle will NOT be impacted. Our recommendation is that you take your 60 PDUs courses in advance before Nov 30, 2015. This way your current cycle will not be impacted by the new requirements and it will be easier to finalize your recertification requirements.
  • If your CCR cycle end date is on or after Dec 1, 2015 and you prefer to wait after Dec 1, 2015, this is not a problem, all our courses will be compliant with the new requirements and you will be able to report the PDUs earned with PMCampus.com in accordance with the new talent triangle categorization.

What updates and changes should you expect in PMCampus.com Continuing Education Catalog?

It is important for us to maintain our high-quality offering and we are making sure that our online PDU courses will be aligned with the new PMI CCR requirements and you can continue to trust us to save you time, effort and money to gain the skills and PDUs you need to advance your career and maintain your PMP certification.

All PMCampus PDU series and courses are now aligned with PMI CCRS and have been updated to reflect the new CCRS requirements. See below the distribution of PDU courses among the 3 skillsets aligned with the new PMI talent triangle.