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PMP Exam 200 Practice Questions (eBook)

PMP Exam 200 Practice Questions (eBook)

PMP Exam 200 Practice Questions (eBook)

200 practice questions simulate very closely the PMP Exam content and let you review at a glance the complexity of best answer selection and process of elimination of incorrect answers. Browse this eBook on your mobile device anywhere anytime! Ideal for the mobile worker who has limited time to study and needs to get as much done as possible using a mobile device. This eBook requires Adobe Reader free software and is the most compatible format readily available for many modern mobile devices.
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This eBook is designed for busy PMP candidates who wish to review PMP Exam Practice Questions to reinforce their knowledge and skills prior to taking the PMP certification examination.

eBook Description

This eBook contains 200 unique questions & explanations aligned with the most current PMP exam format and trend covering all areas of the PMBOK and other items that frequently appear on the PMP exam.

All questions have detailed explanations that reinforce and explain the topic not only for the correct answer but also for the incorrect answers.

For each question, a reference source is presented linking PMBOK pages and other reputable PMP Exam Prep source used by PMI to develop the real exam.

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