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Try Our Online PMP Courses Before You Buy

Can I try your courses before I buy?

Absolutely. We have a FREE demo that you can enroll in and it will give you an unlimited access to limited features of our PMP and CAPM Exam Prep Training Products. Once you have tried all the courses you can choose the package that has the courses that will best help prepare you for the PMP exam.

Here is a link to enroll in the free demo:

Here is a link that compares all our packages which has different combination's of the courses and discount savings:

Online Store and Methods of Payment Accepted

All of our payments are processed through our third party (Yahoo Store!) secure online store.

Within our yahoo store we accept MasterCard, Visa and Paypal.

You simply need to choose the training courses from our online store that you are interested in and add them to your shopping cart and check out at:


Once you purchase, you receive your login and password within minutes.

Our online store is hosted by Yahoo Small Business ecommerce solution (aka Yahoo Sore!) and when you check out with PMCAMPUS.com, you will be actually checking out through the secure hosted Yahoo Store! systems. You will have access to a copy of your receipts and your credit card is handled by Yahoo Store secure servers.

How long until I receive access to my course after purchasing?

Once you purchase, you will receive your welcome email containing your login and password in a short delay, usually in minutes.

To make sure you receive your welcome email without further delay we recommend you take the following actions:

- Make sure to provide a full name and a valid email address when you checkout, double check the email provided.

- Add the following servers to your whitelists to ensure our email will not end up in your junk or spam mailboxes:

- Your registration will be delayed if the credit information provided is not successfully pre-authorized by our Yahoo Store.

If for some unforeseen reason, you do not receive your welcome email within 4 business hours, please contact our customer service and they will be able to assist you in the best way possible.

Is my computer compatible with your training material?

If you have signed up for the free demo and are able to access the materials without any problems, then your computer is more then likely compatible with our actual courses!

However, to be sure, please review the technical requirements listed in the detailed course description for each of the courses you are going to purchase:

How long will I be able to access my course?

Most of our training packages are 90 days from first log in to each of the courses. The exception to this is our platinum plus package which is our platinum package but for 180 days of access from first log in to each of the three courses.

If you purchased and found that you needed more time, you can always purchase an affordable extension (within one year of your purchase date) to extend your access to the training materials.

Pass Guarantee

Detailed information and process to claim the guarantee are located in our official "terms and conditions" and can be found precisely in the paragraph "PMP Pass Guarantee - CAPM Pass Guarantee ":

PMCAMPUS "terms and conditions" list the legal and contractual elements of the purchase agreement between our clients and us. Please review such terms and do not hesitate to contact our team should you need more clarifications.

What is PMCAMPUS Success Rate?

We understand why you are interested in statistics related to how our preparation succeeds but online training has its own specifics and exact success rates numbers are not easily available. Since we are a self-study program, students will enroll in the exam with Prometric when they are ready and take their exam at a date that is convenient for them. They will sometimes send us a note to let us know of their success (and we appreciate it!) but many students celebrate with their friends and family (and that's alright too!) but as a consequence we do not receive the exact number of students who took the exam and passed.

Our competitors' success rate numbers are calculated based on limited information available to the training provider and these might not be the best indicators of your upcoming performance. Most importantly, it is your dedication to study and how you engage with PMCAMPUS' study road map and complete your training that will be your best indicator of performance!

From our satisfaction survey, we know that more than 95% of respondents will recommend PMCAMPUS prep courses and we thrive to constantly improve our training material to respond to recent trends at the exam, updates of PMBOK and students' feedbacks, ensuring the highest quality possible.

Also, we do publish PMCAMPUS Students' Honor Roll: we publish  PMCAMPUS' students listed in the official PMI's registry who were enrolled 3 months prior to the search date (If you do not find your name there, simply contact our team, and we will be glad to add yours!). For example,  a student who enrolled in January and passed in March will appear in the honor roll when it is posted in April. The 3-month delay is based on average time to completion for the training.

Finally, as in any self-study program, some students do not complete their training or take much more time to actually sit at the exam. This is difficult to estimate because some students need the 35 or 23 contact hours certificate and some do not and therefore the certificate can not be used as a criterion to know if a student has completed its training or not. Students have a lot of autonomy and do not always tell us when they interrupt or postpone their plans.

Finally, our failure rate is marginal: we receive only a few requests per year from students who failed on their first try. These students can claim the "pass guarantee" and are given an additional 90-day free access to re-prepare for their exam and are usually successful. On a very rare occasion, a student claimed failing twice but then changed his strategy for training and did not continue with our program.

As a R.E.P. of the PMI since 2005, our training program has been reviewed successfully 3 times already (every three years) and we constantly maintain a high standard of quality. This quality is reflected in testimonials we receive on an ongoing basis telling us PMCAMPUS.com is one of the BEST VALUE PMP exam prep courses offered on the market today. This is why more and more students prepare with us!

What is involved with online study? How do I get help? Will anyone talk to me?

Studying online provides way more flexibility to accommodate work or family obligations but it also requires self discipline and motivation to engage with your training material and work hard on your own.

Students who learn better with steady communication with a support team (teacher, one-on-one coaching) or expect similar support as in classroom may be disappointed and have difficulties to keep on track with their study path. Students who prefer learning with in-person interactions will likely be more challenged with online study format rather than students who take full benefit of eLearning and gain confidence and control in a self-study environment.

At PMCAMPUS, we make sure to provide you with a structured learning path and engaging and effective multimedia training material to support your goals but we are not able to provide one-on-one coaching or mentoring.There is no phone contact with a tutor or a coach who can provide assistance in your training but if you have difficulties to understand the subject matter, as part of our PMP35H course you can ask questions to one of our expert(s) by email on specific issues related to the training material. Our most comprehensive package, the PLATINUM PMP Exam Prep package also includes supplemental training materials and offers a variety of multimedia content to respond to all learning styles.

The lower cost of online learning makes it attractive to many students but before you decide to choose that option, we recommend you give it a try and see how comfortable you are with the format and the customer service team in place.  The best way to try it out is to enroll now in our free demo (no credit card required)!

And we also made sure that you are not left alone with issues that prevent you from advancing your training: our customer service and call center agents will help you for matters regarding technical issues or access to your course online and will be able to assist for sending questions to our experts. Delays and availabilities of our support team are provided in PMCAMPUS' CONTACT US page with instructions on how to obtain support the fastest and most efficient way.

What should I read before I buy my course?

There are a couple things we recommend students do before starting their course work with PMCAMPUS.com.

1. Have read thoroughly the PMP Handbook. The PMP Handbook contains critical information on the entire process of becoming a PMP. Here is a link to access the PMP Handbook:


2. Have a copy (or have ordered a copy) of the PMBOK. The PMBOK is available to you in two ways. If you are a member of the PMI, then you will receive instant access to a digital copy, or you can order it from the PMI Marketplace. Here is a link to the Marketplace:

Shipping of training material

For convenience for our students, all of the study material we offer is available 100% online, we do not ship any other material.

Your subscription gives you an unlimited access to all your course material 24/7, 100% online. You can browse and view online the study material. The study material includes also downloadable pdf and multimedia and interactive features. Our courses are designed to be taken online, simulating the experience of the exam environment.

Your certificate of course completion will be displayed online as soon as you access your course and will update as you progress in your course. You will be able to print your certificate. PMCAMPUS does not send a paper version of your certificate but keeps electronic records of all certificates issued to students.

Schedule and availability of training material

Our courses are designed to be totally flexible so you can prepare whenever it is convenient for you. PMCAMPUS training material is available online 24/7/365.

Courses included with our best sellers Platinum PMP Exam Prep and CAPM Gold package include 90 days access, starting the first day of access. The PMP Platinum plus package gives 180 days or access, also starting the first day of access. All PDU Recertification courses are now offered with 90 days of access, also starting the first day of access.

Our training center is available 24 hours a day so you can complete the training whenever it is convenient for you. *Please note that our server may, on rare occasion, be unavailable for temporary maintenance. However, our hosting company promises a 99.9% -uptime- guarantee.

We understand how busy people are and we have created a training solution to be as flexible as possible to meet those needs. When you purchase you will initially have 90 days (or 180 days) starting with your first access to complete the course(s). If you need more time after this, you can always purchase an affordable extension.

We do offer affordable extensions when students need more time to complete the course past their initial login validity. If you run out of time or get sidetracked by unexpected events, it is easy and affordable to purchase a time extension for a few days or months at your convenience, see all options here:


If I need more time for training, can I purchase an extension any time?

We understand how busy a Project Managers life can be, therefore, if you find you need more time after the initial 90 days of access ends, you can easily purchase an extension at a very affordable price, within one year of your original purchase, by placing an order online.

Simply click on the link below to see pricing information:

Please note that we appreciate students purchasing an extension as the fee contributes to covering the cost of providing quality service after the 90-day period included with the initial purchase expires.

Do you pay for PMI examination fees?

No, the cost of the training material you purchase with PMCAMPUS.com is separate from the costs associated with PMI examination fees.

More information on examination fees can be found by reviewing the "PMP Credential Fees & Refund Policy" located in the PMI's PMP Handbook. Here is a link to access the PMP Handbook:


Do you have a corporate discount program?

We do have a corporate program, in fact, it starts with just a group of two!

Here is a link to more information this:

Are your Training Materials Tax Deductible? Do you provide a W9, EIN#?

Many students find out they can submit their purchase receipt to claim training tax deduction but we do not guarantee this will work for any student. Tax laws are complicated and vary across countries and states and we do not have the internal expertise to determine if our course is tax deductible for you.

However, we are able to provide a receipt upon purchasing that you can take to your tax professional and ask for advise. As experts in their field, they are the best able to assist you.

We also provide W9 forms should your organization needs one as part of their buying process. Please allow one business week for processing. We recommend that you send your request to the appropriate contact as explained in our contact us page.

Can I buy from another country?

Yes, as you must be aware already, PMI is a global association for the project management profession recognized worldwide and their credential is recognized worldwide.

PMI has no restrictions on where people complete their training (either classroom or online) or education or teh location where they take their PMP Exam.

We accept students from all over the world.

Successful completion of our PMP35H course will grant you a 35 contact hours certificate you can use for your application with PMI to become eligible to seat for the PMP Exam.

Do you offer any classroom training?

PMCAMPUS focus is to create the most efficient and affordable 100% online training, and we dedicate all our resources in that area. We do not offer classroom training.

PMCAMPUS.com does not ship any materials by mail, all available online from within our training center.

If you wish to follow classroom training, we suggest you contact the local PMI chapter. You may also research "PMP classroom course" in Google.

Why is your training so inexpensive?

If you look for more information about our company and our courses to make a more informed decision, here are some elements for your consideration:

Since 2005, we have developed and continuously improved a very cost-effective and successful training methodology aimed at helping a greater number of people get the training they need in an affordable way:

It might help you understand us better if you know what the mission of PMCAMPUS.com is.
PMCAMPUS.com's mission:

We are proud and committed to make your training worth your time and money!