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Your dedicated PMCampus coach will get you familiar with the online training environment, support study goals and guide you to develop your study plan, breakdown, milestones and routines. Once you've kicked-off successfully a productive training study project that is realistic and custom made to fit with your professional and personal life, you will have the option to ask your coach for additional guidance and any questions as they arise.
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Online Study Email Coaching

With the guidance of your email coach, you will create a vision for achieving your PMP certification, and set yourself on a rewarding career path. We will help you develop specific plans to get you there and develop your online lifelong learning skills along the way.

What are the expected outcomes?

  • Know how to leverage internet training to support your career and study goals
  • An effective and flexible personalized study plan
  • Assistance with the PMI application process
  • Study tools, self-assessment quizzes and many other useful resources

How it works?

  • Week 1: getting started – review of your vision and goal – discussing realistic targets – drafting your personal study calendar
  • Week 2: review of PMI application process – setting milestones adapted to your life-work balance – getting things organized
  • Week 3: change management strategies, risk factors, and assistance in areas that need attention. Finalizing your personal study plan and set yourself for success.

If you need more time with your coach, either now, or later in your training journey, it is easy and convenient to extend coaching time. Extensions of one week or more can be purchased from the time extension top menu.

The Coaching Environment

We use smartsheet™ app (included) to facilitate the coaching process. Our coach will setup your complimentary project and get you going quickly to best use this convenient tool. You will be able to kick off your training right away and start to work on a study plan and calendar. Click on the screenshots tab to check how our planning study tools look like.

As soon as you enroll, we will execute your coaching agreement and setup your complimentary smartsheet™ account. We then invite you to access our collaborative space. As you login into the collaborative space, you will find many useful tools such as self-assessment questionnaires, study plan templates, step-by-step processes, who is doing what charts, etc….

We use several tools to enable direct and convenient personal one-on-one communication with your coach:

  • Sharing sheets and comments
  • Online discussion through your Smarsheet™ space
  • Emails
  • Scheduled Chat sessions


Your coach will usually dedicate 2 or 3 times per week of 10 to 15 minutes of personal communication with you, for a total of 90 minutes of personal coaching for the 3-weeks period. You can easily monitor your account using the coaching time reporting time-sheet. Communication is managed via various electronic ways and is preparing students to best getting familiar and performing with effective communication tools available in the arena of 100% online training.

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