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FAQ: 35 Contact Hour PMP Exam Prep Course

35 Contact Hours Certificate

The PMP35H course includes multiple series of mini exam simulator activities you must answer with a passing grade (75%) to earn your certificate of 35 Contact Hours. These activities include comprehensive explanations and can be redone an unlimited number of times until you pass them successfully. You can retry these groups of questions as many times as necessary to get the passing grade and earn your contact hours certificate.

The 35 contact hour certificate of completion is included in your online course and updates online automatically while your progress in your activities. You can print off your certificate from within our training center at anytime after you purchase the PMP35H course. You do not have to wait for a specific period of time, but you do have to complete all the activities which count towards your certificate before it will show that you completed 35 contact hours of education.

Once you have completed your course activities, the certificate of completion can be printed at your own convenience for your records and application. We want our students to be able to have immediate access to their certificate. Please note that we do not ship a paper version of your certificate but we keep all records of certificates issued by our company and we are available to respond to any audit or request from PMI or Third Party regarding certificates issued by PMCAMPUS.com since 2005.

The contact hours certificate of project management education that you earn at PMCAMPUS.com is a training credential and does not expire. You would be able to use it towards your PMP exam application at anytime in the future.

How long it takes from buying to completing training?

After you purchase you should receive immediately your course welcome email with login information and instructions. Then, you are ready to start browsing your course and earning contact hours.

The time it takes to complete the training depends on various factors such as your ease to learn online, the time available you have to study and your educational background and experience, which is different for each person.

For the course PMP35H (35 Hour PMP Exam Prep), Typical study time is in the range 35-50 hours. The course "Study Road Map" gives more details on timing and sequencing of all learning activities.

When you purchase supplemental courses, or other training materials, you will need to factor that as well into your preparation time. It may be well worth the time if you need extra training to allow yourself to have all the material and time you need to study and succeed at your first try. You can review our most comprehensive PMP exam Prep Platinum package.

Will I need other training beyond the PMP35H course?

Our PMP35H course is designed to help you pass the PMP exam. By purchasing and then completing the PMP35H course you will be able to satisfy  PMI's 35 contact hours education requirement.

However you may also experience you need other supplemental courses we offer to fully prepare for the demanding PMP examination. Here are many individual factors which will determine how prepared you are to take the PMP exam such as:
-The reading and comprehension of the PMBOK Guide
-The time you spent on studying
-Your memorization skills
-Your work experience and background
-The level of your grades in our training center

If you purchase only the PMP35H course and decide that you need other study material to address your knowledge/skills gaps, you can always purchase an upgrade to one of our supplemental packages. Here is the link to learn more about our available upgrades from our PMP35H course:

Our popular and most comprehensive package - the PMP Exam Prep PLATINUM package - is a great value and has supplemental study content we created to address a broader range of training needs. We have created a comparison webpage so that you can get a better idea of our products, and which courses will best help you. Here is a link to the webpage:


A number of students have reported they only needed the PMP35H course in order to pass their PMP exam at first try when other students felt they were better prepared with a more comprehensive package. We are making sure we have flexible training solutions in place so we address the needs of our students in the most affordable and convenient way!

What if I do not get a passing grade during my training?

If you don't get the passing grade (70%) in the Karma eSIM (our proprietary simulation software), you can redo the activities an unlimited number of times until you improve and reach the passing rate.

Not to worry about passing on the first try. Although you do have to get the passing grade of 70% to earn the contact hours, you can try the activities as many times as possible to get that score.

All questions include comprehensive answers so you can fill in your knowledge gaps as you go! Our Strength and Weakness Analyzer will also give you an immediate assessment of your weak areas so you know what to study and can improve quickly.

PMBOK Guide Version and Reading

PMBOK Guide is copyrighted and published by PMI. We highly recommend you have a copy of the PMBOK Guide ready for when you prepare. It is not necessary to have read the book before starting. Our PMP35H course is structured to guide you through the content of the PMBOK Guide, and then help you learn the material by having you complete different activities.

Where to find PMBOK Guide? Unfortunately we are not able to distribute the PMBOK Guide at this point. But as a member of PMI, you will receive instant access to a free digital copy online. If you do not wish to become a PMI member, you can still buy the PMBOK Guide in PMI online marketplace store at http://www.pmi.org.

All PMCAMPUS' courses are updated regularly and aligned with the most current version of the PMBOK Guide.

Every 4 years PMI brings out a new version.

Is PMBOK Guide included in my course?

No, our courses do not include the PMBOK Guide. If you are a PMI member, you should have received a free CD-ROM or have been given access to your complementary digital copy. You could also purchase a paper copy at the PMI bookstore.

The PMBOK Guide is copyrighted material available through the PMI. Here is a link to find out more information about becoming a member of the PMI:

Here is a link to the PMI bookstore:

Do I have to study other books in addition to the PMBOK Guide?

The PMP exam tests your knowledge of the PMBOK Guide as well as other important Project Management texts, and on the job work experience. As such,

Our training material will test students on more than just the PMBOK Guide so that they can be best prepared for the PMP exam.

Who will help me during my training?

At PMCAMPUS, we make sure to provide you with a structured learning path and engaging and effective multimedia training material to support your goals but we are not able to provide one-on-one coaching or mentoring. However, if you have difficulties to understand the subject matter, we provide as part of our PMP35H course a service where you can ask questions to one of our expert by email on specific issues related to the training material. Our most comprehensive package, the PLATINUM PMP Exam Prep package also includes supplemental training materials and offers a variety of multimedia training material to respond to all learning styles.

The lower cost of online learning makes it attractive to many students but before you decide to choose that option, we recommend you give it a try and see how comfortable you are with the format and the support team in place. Our agents will help you for matters regarding technical issues or access to study material online and our experts can help you with questions related to the subject matter. Please review guidance and instructions on how to contact us so we can give you the best service possible.

The best way to try it out is to enroll now in our free demo (no credit card required)!

How do I fill in the PMP application form? Do you provide tips?

To get more information about filling in the PMP Application form, we strongly recommend you download and read the "PMP handbook" published by PMI. This document is a very valuable document that contains information on the application form and the PMP exam requirements.

All applications must be filled in by the applicant himself. If you are already in the process of completing your application, we have compiled below some tips and guidance that can be of interest to you. See document attached.

However, please note that we provide such tips "as is" and with no guarantee of fitness of use. We do not provide any other assistance in that regard and our customer service agents do not have the expertise to provide any further assistance to fill in the application form. If you need further assistance, you will have to contact PMI directly.

More Practice Exams just before I take my PMP

If you have already trained extensively and are just about ready to take your PMP exam, but feel like you need a little bit of extra practice, then we recommend our PMP3EX course PMP3EX is dedicated to all PMP® aspirants wishing to train with a realistic exam simulation prior to taking the real PMP® certification examination.

If you look for more comprehensive prep course, check out our website for our choices of PMP Exam training packages and find out which ones fits better your needs:


Audio and Video Content

For students who learn best from interactive multimedia (audio and video), we recommend our supplemental audio and interactive course which is a friendly multimedia companion that guides you through the PMBOK Guide content.

Our PMP35H course also includes audio and multimedia components as we now offer online live Webinars presented by members of our team of experts. Webinars are intended to guide students with how to use the most successfully the training material available online.

You can review immediately samples of our instructional material by enrolling in the free demo (no credit card required):


Click on the following link to compare all of our packages in our PMP preparation catalog:

Deaf & Hearing Impaired Students

We offer three courses to help students prepare for the PMP exam: PMP35H, PMPAID, PMP3EX.

Our PMP35H course is composed of a mix of readings and question activities to prepare you for the PMP exam. As well, successful completion of our PMP35H course will grant students the 35 contact hours needed for the PMP exam application. The question activities as well as the readings do not have audio.

Within the PMP35H course we feature eClasses which will help you learn how to skim the PMBOK Guide chapters and get you familiar with some of the main concepts of the PMBOK Guide. The eClasses include a virtual coach "Kathy". She does have some dialogue that we could provide to you.

As well, the PMPAID course is a friendly multimedia companion designed to get you familiar with the PMBOK Guide concepts. It is hosted by a third party course provider. Most of the audio matches the words on the screen, but there is the occasion where there is only audio and no matching text on the screen.

Finally, the PMP3EX course is 3 full simulated exams to prepare you fully for the PMP Exam. This course does not have audio at all. The questions and answers with rationale all appear on the screen for the student.

We recommend that you sign up and explore our demo that way you can try the course for yourself to see if it is the best solution for you.

Here is a link to enroll in our free demo:

Can I wait to start my course(s) after I purchased?

Your access to the course will start when you first log-in to this course.

As long as you do not enter the course until you are ready to begin, then your access period will not be activated.

Please note that we do ask our students to do your first access and first log-in within 90 days of your purchase date. (see terms and conditions)

If you purchased a package composed of several course, you can start one course and wait until you are ready to access other courses and then make sure you will benefit the most of your 90 days access for each course. When you are logged in, you will access your "registration history" and will be able to consult your deactivation dates as needed.

If you still need more time to access your course, you can purchase affordable extensions at: