Which PMP Exam Prep Online Training Will Work Best for You?

PMP exam study comparison table:

Lite Classic Silver Gold Platinum Platinum+
  Select Select Select Select Select Select
  Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial
35 Hours Certificate Include Include Include Include Include Include
All study Material and PMP Exam Tips Include Include Include Include Include Include
Audio Narrated Webcasts Include Include Include Include Include Include
PMP Exam Must-Know Formula Include Include Include Include Include Include
PMP Simulation Software Include Include Include Include Include Include
PMP Practice Questions (with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) Reference and Explanations) 600+ 600+ 600+ 600+ 600+ 600+
PMI RDS 40 Skills Presentations (Aligned Latest PMP Exam Outline ) Not Included Not Included Not Included Include Include Include
Advanced Situational Questions (With Comprehensive Reasoning) Not Included Not Included Not Included 100+ 100+ 100+
PMP Mock Exams (200 questions simulating exam mix) Not Included Not Included 3 Not Included 3 3
Weekly Live Webinars (presented by our PMP expert) 4 12 12 12 12 24
All Recorded Webinars Include Include Include Include Include Include
Pass Guarantee Not Included Include Include Include Include Include
Online 24/7 Helpdesk Include Include Include Include Include Include
Access Time 30 days 90 days 90 days 90 days 90 days 180 days

Which PMP study options will work best for you?

PMP Training: which is best?

At PMCAMPUS, we offer 100% online PMP courses and our students are very satisfied with the online PMP training we offer (see satisfaction survey results and PMP testimonials).

Our online PMP training courses include PMCAMPUS’s PMP instructors and experts guidance and support and our support team is readily available via our convenient online helpdesk – all to assist you in your study journey.

All paying and Free Trial versions include Pre-recorded webcasts and webinars and online PMP exam simulators provide the appropriate video and media-rich interaction with the subject matter. And something more that classroom training does not offer: online PMP training offers much lower PMP course fees and the freedom to study anytime anywhere and at your own pace.

Once you’ve decided online PMP training will work for you, the next step is to choose the right combination of online PMP certification prep courses.

Students who are looking for a solution to meet the 35 contact hours required to sit for the PMP certification exam will need to take first the popular PMCAMPUS “35 Contact Hours PMP Exam Prep Course”. This course is an excellent way to start preparing for your PMP study and earn your certificate of 35 contact hours at the same time.

What to expect from the “35 Contact Hours PMP Exam Prep Course”? Depending on your educational background and experience with PMI project management concepts and terms, you will soon get in tune with your current level and know how much additional training you need – thanks to PMCAMPUS unique knowledge and skills Gap Analyzer. As you go through your interactive PMP training, you will receive comprehensive explanations and immediate feedback and be able to assess on your readiness to take the PMP certification test. If you are ready, go for it! If you need extra study material, please consider the following options.

Most students experience difficulties with the tricky aspects of the PMP exam situational questions. And this is expected! This sophisticated type of questioning is a hallmark of the PMP certification and has contributed to its reputation of being one of the toughest certification exams out there. Our team of experts has created a unique advanced PMP training course dedicated to looking into more depth at the PMP certification exam content and demystifying PMP test questions that are situational and hard to answer: Our team shows you: how to select the best answer from multiple correct answers, and how to avoid information overload and make sense of confusing concepts typical in the PMP test format. Our students who take the “40 ESSENTIAL PMP SKILLS EXAM PREP” will gain a solid mastery level and leave nothing to chance when it comes to the type of questions they will receive randomly on their exam day. Since 2011, the rumors on the PMP exam content (which is kept confidential by PMI) is showing that the number of situational questions could reach as high as 90% on some exams. By being appropriately prepared, our students have the best chance to succeed on their PMP exam on their first try, with the best affordable solution available.

Finally, once you’ve learned the basics knowledge of the (PMBOK® Guide) and PMP certification test format and acquired essentials skills to answer PMP exam situational questions, we highly recommend you take at least 3 professionally prepared PMP mock exams before you can go and sit for the PMP exam using our “3 PMP Exam Simulations”. Practice makes perfect and increases your confidence level! Spending your time with outdated PMP practice questions or improperly balanced PMP practice exams from unreliable providers will only make you waste time and effort. Having prepared with PMCAMPUS’s updated, fully explained and high quality content PMP questions will make all the difference, and save you time and efforts. On the exam day, you will feel well prepared, confident, relaxed and ready to answer whatever questions is thrown at you!

PMP exam Study Online anytime anywhere
Because we want our students to pass with flying colors on their first try, we’ve made some special attractive discount prices for bundles combining 2 or 3 PMP study online courses. Check below the comparison table for our PMP certification SILVER bundle, PMP certification GOLD bundle and PMP certification PLATINUM bundle. Both expand on our popular 35 contact hours PMP exam prep course. Both are 100% online with great media rich study material, plenty of PMP exam questions, and our unique and powerful PMP exam simulator and gap analyzer. Also included at no extra cost, our free “ask the expert” service and weekly complimentary webinars, which provide an additional connection to our team of professionals and experts who work behind the scene year after year to create the best 100% online PMP training that has made thousands of PMCAMPUS’s students successful!

PMCAMPUS PMP Training Comparison

PMP Training Courses Comparison

Here's a quick overview of your choices:

  • Buy Now the PMP® Exam Prep 35 Hours Course
    By completing this course, you will also obtain your 35 Contact Hours Certificate. Several students have reported that the PMP® Exam Prep 35 Hours Course (PMP35H) was sufficient for them. They prepared for and successfully passed their PMP exams after taking this course only.
  • Buy Now the PMP® Silver Bundle
    Many students buy the Three PMP® Simulated Exams (PMP3EX) in addition to the PMP35H course. This gives you the benefit of 600 unique exam questions (three sets of 200) similar to those found on the actual PMP exam (these are in addition to those included in the PMP35H, so you can maximize your practice opportunities before the real exam). This Bundle of 2 training products is designed to maximize your study time and effort and you get the 2nd PMP training product at 50% discount. PMCAMPUS.com is committed to make training worth your money!
  • Buy Now the PMP® Gold Bundle
    Numerous students have said they would appreciate more specific training for the difficult situational questions on the PMP exam. The new 40 ESSENTIAL PMP SKILLS EXAM PREP (PMPSKL) does precisely this. We have developed this new interactive, information-rich and enjoyable course to help you get fully prepared for the new PMP exam format. We're thrilled to offer this course to you at a discount when you purchase the PMP® Gold Bundle (PMP35H + PMPSKL). A good PMP training combination and a good value for your money. (And you can still upgrade later to get the Platinum Bundle)
  • Buy Now the PMP® Platinum Bundle or Buy Now the PMP® Platinum PLUS Bundle
    Most students will enjoy this ultimate, all-in-one PMP® exam preparation bundle (PMP35H + PMPSKL + PMP3EX). You'll have it all the PMP® Exam Prep 35 Hours Course, the intensive PMP exam skills training, plus three extra sets of simulated PMP exam questions. This bundle of 3 training products is designed to maximize your study time and effort and you get 3 PMP training products for the price of 2!

Still not sure which PMP training will work for you?

If you're still unsure of which PMP training or PMP course bundle to buy, try our PMP course free demo for each of the three courses above and our bundles (no credit card required) and follow the links above to review the details for each course and package.

And remember, you can always start with the 35 contact hours PMP course and upgrade to a more PMP training comprehensive bundle later at our online store. However, buying the right bundle now is a smart choice because it gives you the biggest savings.

Please also review the announcement page for our latest promotional campaigns and rebate coupons.