PMP Training Review

What kind of PMP training works best the week Before The Exam and Exam Day

This page is dedicated to stories and tips from those who passed the PMP exam. Read the below stories for help and insight into many of your questions. Want to tell your story? Use the form below to enter your own story. Review the incentive program to make sure you get the most of your contribution!
Here are some of the common questions others want to know about:

PMP Training Week Before The Exam:

  • How did you cope with your stress? What "mental vacation" techniques did you use?
  • What would you recommend to new project manager candidates? (e.g., work hard one more day or rest and relax the day before your exam day?)
  • What did you plan to do the day before the exam?

Exam Day:

  • How was the testing environment: Was it easy to access? How did you go there? Any surprise or unexpected situations?
  • What average time did you spend on each question?
  • How many questions did you set for review during your PMP training sessions?
  • What problems did you encounter? Did you run out of time?
  • What could have you have done or not done to perform better on the PMP exam day?