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Get the 40 Essential Skills PMP Exam Prep Online Course

40 Essential PMP Skills Exam Prep Course

Ace PMP Exam Situation Questions with this new Focused Training!


(*) Important Note: the PMBOK® Guide was not updated in 2016 and remains the same. Only the RDS was updated (see more info here). Study smart using our complimentary supplemental material!

Don't get caught off guard by the PMP Exam's situational questions! Test-takers often report that the situational questions are the most difficult aspect of the exam. We developed this online PMP course with this fact, and your success, top of mind. Read below to learn more about this course and how it can increase in your ability to analyze situational questions with ease, which will greatly increase your confidence level in advance of sitting for the exam.
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Course Overview

This online PMP exam prep course* takes students on a guided journey through the 37 tasks and 3 of the most important cross-cutting skills that are frequently tested on the exam, and ultimately ensures the information is understood from both an academic and practical perspective.

Each presentation provides comprehensive information and context to ensure a well-rounded exploration of the key management concepts, process, tools, techniques, and critical factors. Students learn how to quickly map each task and cross-cutting skill with the theoretical knowledge that is included in the PMBOK® Guide. Over 100 well-crafted, situational questions are included to assess your knowledge and analytical skills.

PMP Cross-Cutting Skills
*This PMP course is fully aligned with the PMP Examination Content Outline, which is based on PMI's latest Role Delineation Study (RDS)*. The RDS identifies the essential knowledge and skills required of Project Management Professionals worldwide, and it serves as a blueprint for PMP Certification Examination Content development, thus ensuring that the material covered in the exam reflects the full range of day-to-day, real world practices among PMP credential holders.


Project Management Professionals Who should take this PMP training course and why? This online PMP course is an essential learning opportunity for all Project Management Professionals who are actively preparing for their PMP certification exam. Don't make the mistake of assuming that because you are an experienced project manager you will easily pass the PMP exam. The PMBOK® Guide standards, guidelines, and definitions, which may differ from your current methods and understanding, coupled with the exam's alignment to the newest PMP Exam Content Outline, means there is a vast amount of material that you must know well and be able to apply to complex situations, in order to pass the exam. Investing in yourself, by taking this course, ensures you will have the knowledge and skills needed to analyze situational questions and ultimately select the best answer when all the answers provided may be technically correct.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and be able to describe each of the 37 project management tasks and 3 cross-cutting skills
  • Map each task and cross-cutting skill with the theoretical knowledge that is included in the PMBOK® Guide
  • Organize action items and objectives associated with each task within each process domain
  • Be able to analyze day-to-day project management considerations related to the individual tasks
  • Develop a solid decision-making process for selecting the best answer on situation questions
  • Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to correctly answer at least 7 out of 10 situational PMP exam questions

Training Strategy

The learning interactions take the form of multimedia presentations and mini exam simulations. In each of the 40 project management training presentations, our team of subject matter experts, all experienced PMPs, call out the critical elements, discuss pertinent questions, and provide interactive digests and detailed "real world" scenarios. Each presentation provides a framework for students to explore each RDS task and learn what is required. This is an effective way to expand knowledge and critical thinking skills, both of which are vital to success when taking the PMP exam. Over 100 situational PMP exam questions are included to assess student's knowledge, analytical abilities and test-taking skills.

Project Management Training Presentations

Course Materials, Interactive Learning Materials and Self-Study Aids

eSkills Presentations focus on one task at a time and show how the task fits into the larger schema. By understanding PMI's use of project management-related terms, exploring important concepts, and examining key management processes, tools, techniques and documents, students will learn the critical factors involved in achieving task success. They will also learn by comparing the expert's handling of a "real world" scenario with their own thoughts. A step-by-step approach to solving PMP exam situational questions is included so students can improve their multiple-choice, test-taking skills.

Karma™ eSim: our convenient and affordable PMP exam simulation software closely simulates the actual PMP exam experience and the question database includes high quality PMP practice questions. Also included is a strengths and weaknesses analyzer mapping all the newest RDS tasks and skills – use this valuable resource to maximize your learning and identify knowledge gaps, task-by-task and skill-by-skill.

Online PMP Exam Course Outline/Topics

✔ Domain I – Initiating the project

  • Perform project assessment based upon available information and meetings with sponsor
  • Define the high-level scope
  • Perform key stakeholder analysis
  • Identify and document high-level risks, assumptions and constrains
  • Develop the project charter
  • Obtain approval for the project charter from the sponsor and customer (if required)


✔ Domain II – Planning the project

  • Asses detailed project requirements, constraints, and assumptions
  • Create the work breakdown structure with the team
  • Develop a budget plan based on the project scope
  • Develop a project schedule
  • Develop a human resource management plan
  • Develop a communications plan
  • Develop a procurement plan
  • Develop a quality management plan
  • Develop a change management plan
  • Plan risk management by developing a risk management plan
  • Present the project plan to the key stakeholders (if required), in order to obtain approval to execute the project
  • Conduct a kick-off meeting with all key stakeholders


✔ Domain III – Executing the project

  • Obtain and manage project resources including outsourced deliverables
  • Execute the tasks as defined in the project plan
  • Implement the quality management plan
  • Implement approved changes according to the change management plan
  • Implement approved actions and follow the risk management plan and risk register
  • Maximize team performance


✔ Domain IV – Monitoring and Controlling the project

  • Measure project performance
  • Manage changes to the project scope, schedule and costs
  • Ensure that project deliverables conform to the quality standards
  • Update the risk register and risk response plans
  • Assess corrective actions on the issue register and determine next steps
  • Communicate project status to stakeholders for their feedback


✔ Domain V – Closing the project

  • Obtain final acceptance of the project deliverables
  • Transfer the ownership of the deliverables to the assigned stakeholders
  • Obtain financial, legal, and administrative closure
  • Distribute the final project report
  • Collate lessons learned through comprehensive project review
  • Archive project documents and material
  • Measure customer satisfaction


✔ Cross-Cutting Skills

  • Stakeholder impact analysis
  • Team motivation methods
  • PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

More Information

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Minimum hardware, software, and settings requirements:


  • Pentium IV with 128 MB memory or higher / Mac PowerPC or higher
  • Operating system: Windows NT, XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, 7, 8 / Macintosh OS9, OSX
  • Internet Browsers: MS Internet Explorer version 7 or higher, Safari version 4 or higher, or Firefox version 2 or higher
  • Internet connection: Preferably a high-speed or broadband connection; 56k modem at a minimum
  • Monitor


  • Flash Player 6 (or higher) - this free player is required for course navigation
  • PDF Reader - this free reader is required to view course materials


  • Enable pop-up windows (i.e., a browser setting)
  • For best viewing change your monitor settings to: 1024 x 768, and True Color 32-bit or better
  • Toolbars, such as the ones provided by Google and Yahoo (among others), may impede the functionality of our courses. If that is the case, disable the toolbar.
  • Corporate or personal firewalls must allow access to the course. Contact your IT department or support person if you suspect your firewall is preventing access.
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PMCAMPUS Instructional Design - Course Content & Multimedia Development:
Copyright: ® 2012-2013 Mokanova Inc. and PMCAMPUS.com Instructors & Authors.


Instructional Designer/Multimedia Development: Kahina Morisset, B. Sc. Eng., MBA, PMP
Subject Matter Experts/Content Development: Marilyn Hartman, M. Sc., B. Sc., PMP, Rajesh Nair, B. Eng., PMP, Richard T. Barnes, B. Sc., MBA, PMP, and Barbara Franks, PMP

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Included in this course:

  • 40 individual project management training presentations
  • A self-study guide (i.e., roadmap)
  • The Karma™ PMP Exam Simulator software and the Karma™ Gap Analyzer
  • Lots of situational practice questions (100+), along with comprehensive correct and incorrect answer rationales and chapter/page references to source materials
  • This clearance course has a limited access until November 15, 2016 (midnight, PST)
  • Online helpdesk, tutorials and Ask the Expert assistance
  • Pass Guarantee when purchased with a Platinum bundle

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