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5 PDU-Leadership Motivation Part 3: Picture and Assess Your Team

5 PDU-Leadership Motivation Part 3: Picture and Assess Your Team

5 PDU-Leadership Motivation Part 3: Picture and Assess Your Team

Leadership, Motivation and Team Management skills are critical to a successful career in project management. All PMP certified seeking to hone their leadership skills while gaining 5 PDUs Category 3 (Category A as of March 1, 2011) will take advantage of this online training "Picture and Assess Your Team" to retain their PMP certification and gain new soft skills to advance their career.

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Leadership is an art and the best way to improve your skills at it is to exercise them. This is why this course has no professor to conduct the class or dispense knowledge, yet you learn a great deal, either from your own self reflection or from other perspectives and diverse opinions. It is not dry and boring, it is fun and interactive. You will be learning about real people, real stories from best-selling authors and their books as well as optional peer interactions.

All students earn their 5 PDUs Category 3 (Category A as of March 1, 2011) certificate by completing the quizzes and interactive activities. Answers and suggested solutions are provided. Students can re-do all activities as many times as needed to obtain a passing score.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • Possess motivation knowledge and skills
  • Understand how to use their motivation skills to inspire and motivate their project team

Training Strategy

This course has a two-fold structure:

  • First, you will undergo two 2-hour multimedia mini lessons, approximately 4 hours of online multimedia lessons on motivation.
  • Second, you will undergo one hour of interactive activities (quizzes, short essays, surveys, article reviews).

Your learning path and all the steps required to fulfill the requirements are clearly sketched out for you in the Study Road Map. Just follow along as you go.

Instructional Material

Study Roadmap:
your step by step guide to accumulate knowledge, skills and contact hours as you go.

Karma™ Instructional Software:
Interactive simulations comprising quizzes, self reflective surveys and case studies. Strengths and Weaknesses Analyzer.

5 Contact Hours Certificate of Completion:
At the end of the course, you will have completed all of your activities that count toward your 5 PDU Certificate. You can immediately print your certificate and use it to claim your PDUs on PMI CCRS website.

Course Modules

Mini Lessons:

  • Mini Lesson 1 - Rewarding and Correcting: Work That Reinforces Itself - Choosing Effective Rewards - Coaching and Cooperation - Correcting Mistakes with Motivation
  • Mini Lesson 2 - Building Trust: Opening Communication - Communicating through Difficultiest - Sharing Trust - Learning from the Worst - Meeting Workers' Desire

Interactive activities:

  • Activity 1: What's Wrong With My Team?
  • Activity 2: Dealing with Non-Productive Behaviors
  • Activity 3: Team Building

Included with this online course:

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Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

* Computer: P500+ with 128 MB memory or higher
* Internet connection: 56K minimum connection; broadband (256 kpbs or higher) connection recommended;
* Monitor: 800 x 600, True Color 32-bit or better.
* Sound card with speakers and headphones strongly recommended.
* Operating system: Windows XP, 2000, 2003
* Internet Browser: MS Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher - Warning: No other browser is supported for these courses. Alternate operating systems such as Mac or Linux and alternate web browsers such as Firefox, Safari and the AOL browser are NOT supported.
* Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher.
* Enable pop-up window, Javascript, DHTML and cookies.
* Toolbars such as Google and Yahoo toolbars (among others) impede the functionality of courses. These and other nonstandard toolbars must be disabled.
*Personal firewall programs must allow the access to the courses.

Flash Player

Flash Flash Player 8 (or higher): to navigate through the training program, your browser needs the free, cross platform Flash plug-in.

PDF Reader


The condensed notes in this training program are in the PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader software to view the reading packages.
If you do not have the Reader, please click on "Get Abobe Reader" button or on the link below to download the free Acrobat PDF Reader from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2_allversions.html
It is free and works on all major hardware and operating system platforms.

All trademarks mentioned above are the property of the respective trademark owners.
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Course Summary

  • Self-study guide: course Study Roadmap
  • 2 multimedia mini-lessons (4 hours)
  • 3 interactive activities (1 hour)
  • Certificate of 5 PDUs Category 3 (Category A as of March 1, 2011)
  • Access for 90 days access, 24/7 unlimited (start date is date of first login)
  • online HelpDesk
  • 90 days unlimited 24/7 hours access