PMP Course Online Satisfaction Survey at PMCAMPUS

Quality Monitoring

We, at, take quality very seriously. As a PMI global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) since 2005, we abide to quality criteria established by PMI. PMI also conducts a thorough audit of our company and our training offer every three years. PMI last audit was conducted in 2012 and our PMI R.E.P. status has been approved and renewed.

In addition we also conduct regular ongoing customer surveys to monitor the satisfaction of our students and identify areas where we need to improve. We present below our latest condensed presentation of our satisfaction survey results. In 2011, we asked you if you would recommend us to your friends and colleagues and we are proud to know that you are 95% to be very likely or somewhat likely to recommend us! We thank students who give us their feedback to allow us to improve and update our training program as we thrive to maintain high levels of satisfaction year after year.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Compilation

PMCAMPUS satisfaction survey 2011

PMCAMPUS satisfaction survey 2011