Story Sharing Guidelines and Incentive Program

PMP Certification Stories

Thank you for your interest in our new PMP Exam Prep story-sharing program! Read below to learn more about our incentive program.

To participate and earn rewards, what you need to do is write and share an interesting short story or anecdote that illustrates your PMP certification journey and experience that you have lived or witnessed. Your story will then be reviewed by our committee and once approved, it will be shared anonymously among students and will help prospective candidates to understand better what to expect, learn a few tips and get their own solution in place!

As soon as you post a 150-word story, our committee will review it and let you know if you are eligible to receive a $10 Amazon gift certificate (limited to the first 100 published stories). See below conditions that apply.

It is our goal to make this story-sharing program work and we know your time is precious and as a thank you for your feedback we are offering also additional discounts for your valued response. We want to reward champions and individuals who share and contribute to the knowledge of our community!

When your story is approved and published, in addition to the gift certificate you will also be eligible to obtain extra discounts on our already-low priced online training and earn your 60 PDU credits at a fantastic bargain.

Our Incentive and Reward Program includes discount coupons rewards as follow:

  • 1 short story published: 10% off (*)
  • 2 short story published: 20% off (*)
  • 3 short story published: 30% off (*)
  • 4 short story published: 40% off (*)
  • 5 short story published: 50% off (*)
  • 6 short story published: 60% off (*)
  • 7 short story published: 70% off (*)
  • Featured stories get an additional 15% off!

(*) any PDU course as advertised in Coupons are not transferable and not refundable and have an expiration period of 3 months.

If you write 7 stories that are all approved and have 2 featured you can gain a 100% off coupon!

Approval Conditions: each story must be 150 words minimum. PMCampus selection committee will moderate stories and reserve discretionary rights not to publish stories that are too poorly written, irrelevant and not helpful to other students. All student will be informed when their story is approved.

Transfer of Ownership: The committee reserves the right to publish or feature any of the stories posted by you on our website, eBooks published by PMCampus or other electronic or print training publication published by PMCampus. By posting a story you agree to transfer copyright ownership to You also authorize our committee to do minor edit without seeking your approval. If the committee needs substantial changes to your story, you will be notified and the status of your story will be pending until we can review a newest version.

Limited Liability: By posting your stories, you agree to this story-sharing guidelines and policy. PMCampus reserves full discretionary rights to approve stories and this program does not create any liability or any further business relationship with you. Please be advised that PMCampus has no legal obligation to publish your stories. PMCampus reserves the right to discontinue or stop the story sharing program without notice.

Interested in contributing more? If you are interested to join our authoring team, we also want to encourage champions who loved to learn about the PMP certification and wish to share their expertise by contacting our Director. We are always interested to recruit PMP certified who are passionate about the world of project management and want to contribute to writing eLearning content and other project management study material. Authoring contributions are compensated with a royalty-sharing model.