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Pre-Sales and General Information!!

Chances are you will find all you need to know about training products and services by visiting our website. Get instantly connected with the online community HELPDESK and FAQ.


PMCAMPUS contact form Email us: use this convenient form. You will receive an answer in minutes (max 24 hours).



Sales Customer Representative Hours: 24/7 Requests may be sent via the electronic contact form any time of day.

Technical Support and Registration Issues

Based on our experience with online training, we've made sure that we have the appropriate support tools in place. However, in our desire to control costs for our clients, we offer free 24/7/365 online helpdesk but no support by phone.

Support PMCAMPUS For immediate assistance with your course: contact us using the online helpdesk electronic form. Our technical support team will answer to you within minutes, max. 24 hours.


Go to online Help Desk to access Technical support FAQ, Getting Started and Tutorials.

  • Registration Office hours

Issues may be reported any time of day. Issues arriving after 4:00 pm Pacific Time will be addressed the next morning. Issues received during business hours are answered as quickly as possible, usually in minutes (and never more than 24 hours).

  • Ask The Experts Hours
  • Any issues beyond the use and operation of the courseware material may be routed to the appropriate subject matter or expert; in such cases, resolution time generally ranges from 1 to 2 business days. Please use our helpdesk electronic contact send your request to the expert and follow the "Ask the Expert" FAQ instructions.

More Contacts

  • Corporate Solutions and Group Volume Requests
  • provides Group Volume Discounts and solutions for Corporate Trainers. If you need corporate customized services or would like to know more about our corporate solutions, please send your request via the online electronic contact form.

  • Office of the Director - Complaints
  • Any interested party with significant concerns may report them to the Director of Simply post your request via the electronic contact form. We expect students to abide by the PMP professional code of conduct and express their concern in a courteous and professional manner. The best way to obtain a fast resolution is to provide a detailed and documented description of your problem.

  • Headquarter and North America Offices:

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